Home Page is dedicated to teaching the non-medical individual emergency first aid. Through trauma assessment, CPR and references supplied, first aid treatment can become an essential tool to all individuals no matter what their background. First aid is crucial while waiting for trained medical help to arrive.
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History: The web site is an idea of Tony Marchand, M.D. His training has allowed him to share first aid information that is useful to not only the bicyclist with little or no first aid training, but also to others who may come upon or be involved in any type of accident or trauma. Knowing how to stabilize individuals until help arrives is an important asset.

Mission: Our aim to to provide first aid information (for the non-medical individual) as well as resources and links for use by the non-medical individual. This includes trauma assessment and treatment, CPR, shock, and treatment of fractures. Our hope is not only to inform but also to inspire individual to take first aid course work and become certified in CPR. For additional information we've included a section on medical references that has pertinent links to upto date reputable sites and appropriate texts.

About our Staff: Our web designer and content manager, Tony Marchand, has a medical degree from Duke University and practiced for over 25 years (now retired). He has had multiple publications in peer journals including the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine. He has also designed and sold computer medical diagnostic program and has had a long time interest in web design. While member of the Armed Services, received the Meritorious Service Award (the US Army's highest non-combat award) for design work on the army's Physician Assistants Program. He is currently Web Content Manager for the Morris Area Freewheelers and has an additional cycling web site:

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